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Access Control




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ATS515 Time Clock



The Actatek Biometric Clock range is a world-class, SSL-protected Access Control and Time & Attendance system with both web-based Biometrics and Smart Card technology. Fingerprint, proximity reading or personal Pin covers all aspects of time capture.

Biometric Clock

The Bio-Clock can be deployed in either standalone mode or in an ethernet-networked, multi-device environment in either master or slave mode.

Its modular architecture enables the Bio-Clock to be integrated with a range of different modules, such as fingerprint sensor, card reader or built-in camera.

And with its multi-location deployment ability, the Bio-Clock has the ability to synchronize data across all devices in real time without any geographical constraints.


  • Access Methods include: biometrics, smart card & PIN
  • SSL-encrypted biometric & smart card authentication
  • Modular design for easy integration and maintenance
  • Client/server architecture with LDAP (Lotus Directory) Architecture
  • Remote Monitoring via ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • Simple browser-based admin interface
  • Realtime updates of system and/or user configuration
  • Secure, SSL-encrypted updates and administration
  • Convenient IN and OUT buttons setup feature simplifies multi-terminal installation
  • Integration with Weigand 26-bit output
  • Optional wired or wireless connectivity

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