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Developed specifically for one of our customers in the Automotive Service industry, the system has been developed to allow complete customisation simply and effortlessly. This is your answer to recording employee start and finish work times, including breaks, Job starts, Operational starts in a secure, accurate, fast and simple way within a factory or office .

The System can be installed on Windows 2000 or higher (200 megabyte Hard disk). Traditionally the system is installed on the computer network with a Operations PC in the factory environment.

Office staff have the ability to check current Job Status, who is working on what Job, Operation, Machine etc. Jobs can be terminated instantly if necessary, disallowing staff to allocate work in the workshop or factory.

Reporting is done via a very simple Windows Explorer type Viewing screen.
The Workshop PC can be fitted with a sensor touch screen, therefore removing the need to access the keyboard. Standard mouse or function key operation is also supported.

With the addition of a specialised keyboard or Serial port devices, the system will allow your employees to use credit card Mag stripe, Barcode, Dallas IButton or Proximity Card as identification.

When a valid ID is presented to the reader the ID number together with the time and date are stored in memory along with the optional "Jon No.", "Operation" being performed by the staff etc. This is saved to the hard disk instantly locally or on the network.
Customised to your requirements the system allows for a complete track history of what has been taking place with development, service, work completed or what ever your business involves, on either a JOB, Asset etc.

The Automotive Trakker Imaging option allows the system to record the image of the person performing the registration. If the need arises, history of images of the registrations can be viewed at any time through the weekly viewing screen.
This option is subject to strict computer requirements.



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