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How long before your next disk crash? The clock is ticking!  



What would you do if you came in tomorrow and .....

couldn't find your server?

Over the last couple of decades, the explosion of PC based computing in the workplace has seen a dependency creeping into the daily, already busy lives of businessmen and women, and going largely unrecognised for what it really is.

That dependency is the degree to which small to medium sized company owners rely on computers for the continuity of their business.

The factors which drive that dependency vary from industry to industry, however the result is a common one and that is that most business, small, medium or large cannot function efficiently and cost effectively without computers. Everyone from the small one man professional such as a doctor, dentist, accountant, lawyer or consultant up to large organisations, store massive amounts of critical business data on computers.

And we don't mean your "Operating System", or your "Office Application" files. You have CD's for them.

We mean your business-critical data such as;

  • Financial Information
  • Correspondence - (Emails and letters)
  • Client Information
  • Research and Development Data
  • Creative and other Intellectual property
  • Personnel Records
  • Time Recording Records
  • .....and the list goes on.

What also varies greatly, but not from industry to industry, is the level of realisation business owners have, as to the potential effect the sudden loss of the computers on which this critical data is stored, will have on their business. More often than not the potential effect a disastrous event can have is greatly underestimated if really known or acknowledged at all.

Consider this......

Why is it that manufacturers of storage media will offer a lifetime guarantee on their floppy disk media, but those same companies will not offer the same guarantee on their mass storage media products, such as tapes, SuperDisks and CDR/W - namely the ones you rely on daily to store and protect your company's most valuable asset.

Don't let this happen to you when real and actual protection is available for an affordable monthly fee, using a system that requires no further input from your side beyond the initial install, and basic selection of what to backup. Take the necessary steps today to protect your most valuable business asset, your business-critical data.

Take a no obligation 14 day test drive of our remote backup system. Download the software, install it, set it and then forget it. critical-data Net's 'Offsite Backup Manager' (OBM) software will take care of the rest.







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