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Supported Payroll Systems

5ComTime Clock



ATS515 Time Clock


Australian designed solution to recording employee start & finish times, movements/Visits between Client Sites work times, including breaks, Fault or Status reporting, in a secure, accurate, fast and simple way within a work environment be it a factory, office or out on the road.

We have a number of mobile ID recorders available:

The CHECK-POINT! software simply utilises unique Id tags or customised barcode tags.

The following site or Run map gives an indication of the basic functionality of the Software.

An employee can be rostered to the task of visiting all BLUE RUN Clients Sites. As they visit each Site they can simply report the JOB DESCRIPION they performed or Status of the Site and then proceed to the next site. Site Visit order can vary after they have visited the "Start Run" Site. If the employee fails to visit a site Rostered to them it will be report as being unchecked. The site unchecked will also be logged against there performance for visiting rostered sites.

As with the BLUE RUN the same applies to the RED RUN .
The GREEN RUN is a example of non-rostered site visits by an employee
which has included part of the BLUE RUN and part of the RED RUN.
With the PocketPC version, Head Office can schedule patrols on the run utilising the GPRS network and also track the patrols if necessary.

From this information reports are available for the Clients on there site Visits, For Staff and there performance, for time taken between each site visited in a period, for a summary of the worked performed by employees and other reports etc.




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