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Access Control




Supported Payroll Systems

5ComTime Clock



ATS515 Time Clock


KeyLocker/Safe System


KeySafe is the first fully Australian designed electronically controlled key cabinet system available to the Australian market. It's controlling software is Microsoft Windows compatible and contains totally flexible control structures. Once installed the system only requires minimum user interaction.


KeySafe open view
  • Monitors and downloads ID and Key movements through each Cabinet Access point
  • Groups KeySafe Access points together by creating maps
  • Grants or denies KeySafe access privileges to an ID holder
  • Restricts cabinet access for certain ID holders to specific times
  • Defines public holidays in the system
  • Opens each or all cabinet doors remotely
  • Prints reports based on;
    • movements through KeySafe access points
    • who has KeySafe access to which access point
    • who has KeySafe access to which time zone
    • ID holder movements

* KeySafe IButton version shown

KeySafe closed


Key Capacity: 36 bunches/single keys
Dimensions: H370mm X W308mm X D108mm
Construction: Mild steel or heavy duty versions available
Color: Beige ripple powder coated
User Capacity: 500 User ID's
Access Options: Magstripe card / Proximity Reader
Power Source: 12V AC Power Pack





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