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How long before your next disk crash? The clock is ticking!


Ask yourself this simple question.....

How is your small to medium business affected by your current employee time recording methodes.....

Time is Money!

Most companies have at least some form of Time recording practice in place and believe that they have done enough to record employee work times.

Penticom Services have been providing Australian design Time & Attendance Systems for the Australian market since 1993.

We would like to introduce to Realtime For windows:

  • REALTIME FOR WINDOWS was the first fully Australian designed Windows Time and Attendance system, employee time recording, award interpretation system, time clock system or what ever you would like to call the capture of employee work times, available to the Australian market. It has been in circulation in Australia since its release in 1992.

    It is Microsoft Windows compatible and contains total flexible shift and overtime structures, with no limits on the number of different shifts and rosters.
    There is also no restriction on hours worked and overtime is calculated automatically. Award interpretation is archived via shifts allocated to one or many employee's.

    Once installed, REALTIME FOR WINDOWS requires only a minimum of user interaction. Communications to time recorders can be automated (scheduled), as can the production of key reports.

    REALTIME FOR WINDOWS requires also has optional interfaces to accounting, payroll, MIS, Human Resource Management systems, Automated Job Costing, Rostering and Security Access Control.

    Daily reports can be automatically or manually generated for absentee, shift, overtime monitoring and exceptions.

    REALTIME FOR WINDOWS is a guaranteed return on investment for your Time & Attendance needs







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