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How long before your next disk crash? The clock is ticking!

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Supported Payroll Systems

5ComTime Clock



ATS515 Time Clock


5ComMag Time Clock

The Australian designed and manufactured solution to recording employee start and finish work times in a secure, accurate, fast and simple way within a factory or office. The unit is also resistant moisture and dust. Case design can be customized subject to installation environment

In the event of power failure the unit continues to operate, with the UPS attached and allows registrations to be logged.

Time Clock facer is tailored to each customer at no charge.

This is a Electronic Employee Time Recording System that can utilise Proximity, Mag stripe, Dallas IdButton and plastic identification cards to record employee start and finish times. With a ID reader unit fitted on each side for IN and OUT no key board is required.

NOTE: If your company currently utilises a card ID for WORKPLACE access, these cards can also be utilised for our unit. This will minimise the ID Card expense.

When a valid Employee ID is presented the unit stores the employee ID number together with the time and date. This information is recovered by our centralised monitoring system.

Specify your requirements and we will configure the interface to accept your required entry from the optional Keypad at the front of the terminal.

LAN/WAN Application:
The time clocks can be install in remote or local locations which are part of a LAN or WAN. Our software automatically extracts the data from the units.

REMOTE/MOBILE Application:
The time clock fitted in remote or MOBILE locations utilises GSM Network. Our software automatically extracts the data from the units at regular intervals utilising the MOBILE PHONE infrastructure. These units require no special cabling and can be fitted into any location.

The units only require 12DC power for charging the backup batteries.

Proximity Card Version Installation shown below.





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