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Core Product origins:

Originally Established in 1992 , Realtime for Windows was the first MS Windows based approach to the problem of Time and Attendance tracking. As the name suggests, the system is designed to run under the industry standard Microsoft Windows format (Version 95, 98 NT, 2000, XP and Vista). Its design not only makes it unique, but totally user oriented and flexible.

The system development was initiated as a joint venture project between Amano Cincinnati Corporation (through their Australian Master Distributor) and Realtime - Time Management Pty Ltd. Having been associated with Time Management Systems for a number of years, they knew the need for a new approach to this market, in line with improvements in hardware technology and software design. From market research and existing sites using our early DOS based version of Time and Attendance software, a clear mandate emerged with respect to the requirements for a new system.

The Realtime for Windows systems has been in various stages of development, release and marketing now for a number of years. With the release of the windows system officially on February 1, 1993 the product became the first fully Australian designed Windows Time and Attendance system available to the Australian market. There are hundreds of individual users of the system Australia wide and much of their valuable feedback has resulted in improvements and enhancements to our system. The outstanding saleability of the Realtime suite of systems lies in their simple design and impressive list of features:

* Microsoft Windows compatible, 100% Australian made software.

* Computerised electronic timeclock (Fingerprint (Biometric), Mag-Stripe, Barcode, Dallas IButton, ProxCard etc) to capture employee registrations.

* Modular design which allows customisation to meet specific client's requirements.

* Optional interfaces to accounting, payroll, MIS, Job Costing and human resource management systems.

* Totally flexible shift formats, Payrates and overtime structures. No limit on different shifts/rosters. No restriction on hours worked. Penalty and/or triggered overtime payments.

* Daily reports for absentee, shift and overtime monitoring, exceptions reporting, even graphical reports through Excel, Lotus or Harvard Graphics. Design your own reports through the quick report writer facility.

* Job Costing, Shift Rostering and Access Control options.




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